Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Impressive, if 20 years or so late

Some guy from Cal Tech apparently set a new record for solving a Rubik's Cube this weekend:
"It's kind of scary now that I set it, because I have two more (attempts) to go," [20-year-old Leyan] Lo said humbly afterward. His time of 11.13 seconds broke the previous record of 11.75 seconds, set by Frenchman Jean Pons at the Dutch Open competition last year.
Thing is, he apparently didn't even win the competition, which is based on an average time taken from three attempts at solving the puzzle.

In related news, who the hell knew they still had Rubik's Cube competitions?!!

I mean, I don't know if the rest of you noticed, but it's kind of a new century.

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andy said...

this post is relevant to my interests. how pathetic does that make me?