Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Love, Japanese style

A group of Japanese men declared today "Beloved Wives Day," in order to "encourage the nation's legions of workaholic husbands to head home early and show their wives some appreciation."
The group, which calls itself the "Japan Doting Husbands Association", urged men to get home by 8 p.m. and say thanks to their wives for all they do.
That sounds like a nice thing to do, especially since divorce rates are rising in Japan. Although they still have a way to go before catching up to us--only about one in three marriages ends up in divorce over there. Take that, Japan!
The group urges men to improve the marital mood through five "golden rules" including going home early, calling wives by their given name and looking them in the eyes when talking.

Many Japanese husbands call their wives "you" rather than addressing them by name, or in some cases merely grunt.
Okay, I was on board with the whole thing until I read that part. This is obviously the result of a conspiracy by a bunch of hairy-legged feminist types. I mean, next thing you know, they'll be letting women vote and own property and leave the house by themselves.

That way lies madness, people. Sheer madness.


Muslihoon said...

How interesting. Getting back early from work is 8 pm. Wow. America does have it good.

Red A said...

In Taiwan, oftentimes you call your spouse "wife" instead of by her name.

Then again, American chicks sometimes say "hubby" no?

The grunting is new to me, and I plan to use it tonight.

Sean M. said...

Good luck with that, red.