Thursday, January 05, 2006

News for nerds

•Researchers at some Missouri university have found the largest prime number ever. No word yet on how you're supposed to use it in real life.

•Scientists are set to reveal whether or not a skull in an Austrian museum was actually Mozart's. People who know the "secrets of eBay auctions" await the DNA test results with bated breath.

•Speaking of auctions, rich nerds take heed: a Dallas auction house is holding a special auction of the ten most valuable comic books ever later this month. While your friends will doubtlessly be impressed that you own a copy of Action Comics #1, girls will probably get a little more twitterpated if you spend your money on something like this. Either way, your mom still thinks you're cool.

•Looking for an excuse to avoid showering and human contact for days--or possibly weeks--at a time? Well, a new, "massively multiplayer" Dungeons and Dragons computer game hits North American stores February 28th! Better start stocking up on Mountain Dew now. I said, NOW!

•And finally, while Patrick Stewart may be feeling too old to command the Enterprise again, rumors are apparently swirling through the Trekkie world that Tom Hanks could appear in some sort of new Star Trek project. Will he be randy, like Kirk, or cerebral, like Picard? Answer: who cares?


maggie katzen said...

so i come over here, thinkin' "maybe i should add sean m to my blogroll" but then you had to go and insult me and my nerdiness. grrrrrrr. well, that's two readers you'll never see! ;D

Sean M. said...

I don't really see it as insulting your nerdiness, Maggie. I think of it more like a valuable service--the kind of news you can actually use.

Besides, you'll note that I never said I wasn't also a nerd, did I?

andy said...

truly. while you pretend not to care about the star trek thing, i know you. you are secrectly prowling all your trekkie forums, waiting breathless for one small morsel of info.