Monday, February 27, 2006

Bike crimes and misdemeanors

I had forgotten about George W. Bush's bike accidenmt at the G8 summit last year until I read this story earlier tonight:
US President George W. Bush was busily waving to security officers guarding the G8 summit when he swerved into one of them, leaving the hapless policeman on crutches, according to a British police report.

Bush -- described in dry police style as a "falling/moving object" -- was treated for scratches on his hands and arms after he went tumbling on a break from the summit in Gleneagles, Scotland, last July 6.

Although the accident was reported at the time, the police incident report, published in the Scotland on Sunday newspaper, gives further insight into the chain of events.
I'll spare you the summary of the accident: he was waving to some police who were there to guard against smelly hippies and poo-flinging anarchists, when he ran into one of the cops, injuring him. He got scraped up, too.

Anyway, he later called the guy to apologize, which is the stand-up thing to do. But here's the kicker:
The newspaper suggested that in Scotland, such an accident could have meant police action.

Earlier this year Strathclyde Police issued three fines to cyclists as part of a crackdown on careless riders.
Okay, moonbats, that's your cue to write your congressman an indignant letter demanding Bush be impeached. Or come up with a new rhyming slogan about how awful he is. Whatever gets you through the night.

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