Monday, February 20, 2006

Notable for its absence

This article on rising tensions between blacks and Latinos here in California is interesting.

For those of you who live outside of the Golden State, there have been a series of serious fights between black and Latino inmates in Los Angeles County jail facilities lately, but that's only a part of what the article deals with. It's also got this sort of thing:
Channa Cook, a teacher at the Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies, said that even in her school, routinely regarded as one of the best in Los Angeles County, African American students each year skip school on May 5, the day when Mexicans celebrate Cinco de Mayo, a 19th-century military victory over France. Mexican gangs have warned in graffiti that they will shoot blacks attending school that day.
Charming. There's also this:
Hate crimes experts also point to a worrying trend among the two communities in Los Angeles County. Unlike in the past when whites were involved in the lion's share of hate crimes, now, in anti-black hate crimes, 73 percent of the identified suspects are Latino and in anti-Latino crimes, 80 percent of the suspects are African American, according to a report by the county Commission on Human Relations.
Now, I've read through the article twice, and there seems to be something missing. A certain word that would seem to apply to this sort of thing, but which never, for some reason, gets mentioned. What could it possibly be?


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Muslihoon said...

Feh. Non-white people are probably far more racist than all white-ish people combined. It's almost like we've all ganged up on whites and forbidden them to be racist while we can be racist.

Thanks for pointing out their hypocrisy.

As a non-white, I have to ask: how are militant blacks and Latinos not equal to militant members of the KKK? Aren't all militant racists equally abominable?