Friday, February 10, 2006

Stop the presses!

Oh, snap! A bunch of reporters got the scoop of the century today when they caught President Bush making off the record comments about the NSA "domestic spying" program that he authorized.
CAMBRIDGE, Md. -- The eavesdropping tables were turned on President Bush on Friday. The president apparently believed he was speaking privately when he talked about listening in without a warrant on domestic communications with suspected al-Qaida terrorists overseas. But reporters were the ones doing the listening in this time.

The incident happened at a House Republican retreat. After six minutes of public remarks by the president, reporters were ushered out. "I support the free press, let's just get them out of the room," Bush said, intending to speak behind closed doors with fellow Republicans and take lawmakers' questions.
After the reporters left the room, Bush began to speak to the gathered Republican lawmakers about the program, apparently unaware that microphones had been left on, allowing reporters back at the White House to listen in.

And what, precisely, did the reporters catch Bush saying about the issue? Something juicy? Impeachable, perhaps? Well...
His private statements were basically no different from what he's said in public.
Pulitzer Prizes all around!


maggie katzen said...

i think karl probably staged this, just to confuse them. heh.

Muslihoon said...

He did it on purpose, to hide his manipulatability. (Is that even a word?) By doing so, he increases it. Master geniuses are confusing that way.