Friday, March 31, 2006

Life imitates Lost

This sounds awfully familiar.
Two men suspected of helping smuggle cocaine to New York from Mexico inside statues of the Virgin Mary were arrested Thursday, U.S. authorities said.

Peter Matheis, 52, and Rafael Serrano, 36, both Mexican nationals, were indicted in New York and Houston respectively on money-laundering and narcotics charges along with six others arrested previously in the United States, the Drug Enforcement Administration said.

Five 3-foot-tall statues of the Virgin Mary, filled with 242 pounds of cocaine, were seized in a Brooklyn warehouse as part of the police operation.

The drug ring used the statues to smuggle cocaine worth millions of dollars, FBI agent John Gilbride said in a statement.
To be fair, the Virgin Mary statues on the teevee show were filled with heroin, so I guess Matheis and Serrano won't have to worry about getting sued by J.J. Abrams. But that was probably the least of their worries, anyway.

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Muslihoon said...

Uh oh. Now she won't intercede on their behalf. So much for prayers at the hour of their death. Who knows, maybe she'll put in a bad word for them with her Son. He can't be happy with this.