Thursday, March 16, 2006

What Liberal Media?

Via James Taranto, here's an online chat with the Washington Post's car columnist, Warren Brown. It starts off pretty straight, then veers waaaaaaay off to the left. Some examples lifted from his advice to readers...about cars, mind you:
Many of today's cars, even the economy models, can run 200,000 miles or so with proper service and care. Be not afraid. It's okay to venture forth into the brave new world of technology, as long as you aren't on a hunting trip with the Vice President. He needs a GPS on his gun.


Thus, to answer your policy direction question, America is moving in the right direction, albeit slowly. Those big rigs eventually will have gasoline-electric and diesel-electric engines for even better mileage and lower emissions.

America would be moving in the wrong direction to curb consumer choice. I mean, we already have enough of that don't we -- a government that believes it can engender freedom abroad by curbing and abusing it at home. [emphases mine]
That last bit was in response to a question about fuel economy, not, as you might think, civil liberties.

And yet, some people persist in claiming that our Mainstream Media doesn't have a liberal slant. Go figure.

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