Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Name's the same

I really don't know how nobody involved with the following debacle was able to see this coming:
An embarrassed charter school has discovered it booked the wrong Jon Stewart for its annual gala. The DaVinci Academy thought it had made a deal with comedian Jon Stewart, star of "The Daily Show" and host of this year's Academy Awards, to appear next week.

It sent out 500 invitations to businesses and planned for 900 people.

But last week, it learned that it had booked Jon A. Stewart, a former motivational speaker, businessman and part-time professional wrestler from Chicago.

School leaders said that earlier in the year they had sent out invitations to a number of celebrities, speakers and authors for the school's annual benefit dinner.

A Stewart had responded, and through months of discussion there was no indication that they had not booked the Stewart they wanted, officials said.
I'm sorry, but the guy who hosted the Oscars just ain't really likely to show up at some school event like that unless he's an alum. And how likely is the Jon Stewart, snarky liberal host of the Blue state America's favorite comedy news show, to perform at a charter school in ultra-Red Utah?

Needless to say, the other Jon Stewart's appearance has been canceled and refunds have been offered, but...duh.

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