Monday, April 24, 2006

The power of logic

Man, don't you just hate it when something like this happens?
HAYWARD, Calif. - A man who spent five hours naked and stuck in the chimney of his stepmother's home was arrested on suspicion of being under the influence of drugs, police said.
Really? Drugs? I never would've guessed.
Police say Michael Urbano, 23, locked himself out of the house early Saturday morning and decided to get in on a cable TV wire through the chimney.

But the wire broke and Urbano fell, getting stuck about three-quarters of the way down. He was freed when a firefighter pushed him to safety.

"We get him up, and he's naked as a jaybird," said Hayward police Lt. Gary Branson. "He tells us he took his clothes off because there would be less friction going down the chute. We did find his clothes. So that part checked out."
Now, with solid reasoning like that, I just find it hard to believe that this guy was on drugs. I mean, what would you have done?


maggie katzen said...

i think i'd at least leave my underwear on.

andy said...

but underwear just gets in the way...