Thursday, April 27, 2006


You're not going to believe this (I know I sure as hell didn't) but Snoop got arrested! Say it ain't so, Snoop!
The U.S. rap star Snoop Dogg and five of his associates have been arrested in Britain after a disturbance at London's Heathrow Airport.

Police told British media that the musician, who was born with the name Calvin Broadus, and members of his entourage were being held on charges of "violent disorder and affray."

The group was waiting for a flight to South Africa, where Snoop Dogg was to perform in a concert Thursday, when it was denied access to a first-class lounge at the airport. Police said members of the group later threw bottles of whisky in a duty-free store and scuffled with police.
Okay, I actually didn't believe it because Snoop got arrested and there was apparently no weed involved. Other than that, yeah, I can believe it.

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