Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bork bork bork, glug glug glug

Everybody knows that I'm a fan of the sauce, but damn, these Scandis make me look like a piker:
A Swedish court has returned more than 700 gallons of beer and liquor to a couple who had been accused of smuggling the booze into the country from Germany.

The court tossed the charges against the Pitea, Sweden, couple and ordered the booze be returned after their defense team argued that bringing the alcohol into Sweden from Germany was not a crime because it was marked for personal use, The Local reported Wednesday.
More than 700 gallons of beer and liquor for personal use? You people might have a bit of a drinking problem. Oh, wait, there's more...
The couple said the 711.2 gallons of beer, 7.1 gallons of wine and 1.1 gallons of hard liquor confiscated from their minivan by customs officials had been purchased for their son's approaching 40th birthday party, the wife's 60th birthday party, their daughter's wedding, a friend's 70th birthday party and a New Year's party.
Still, that's almost 144 gallons of booze per party. I would guess these aren't intimate little affairs where four or five people show up for a couple of hours. I would hope not, anyway.

I wonder, how many hundreds of gallons of hooch did they drink to celebrate their acquittal?

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