Thursday, October 30, 2008

Can't drive 4'5"

The Vietnamese Health Ministry has apparently abandoned a plan that would prohibit people who are too short, too light, or who have small chests from driving motorbikes, which would make little sense to me, seeing as how most of the Vietnamese people I know aren't exactly a bunch of chubby, barrel-chested giants:
The ministry had recommended that people whose chests measure less than 28 inches be prohibited from driving motorbikes — as well as those who are too short (less than 4 -foot-8) or too thin (less than 88 pounds).

When the media revealed the plan this week, it prompted disbelief and scorn among members of the public, who envisioned the police pulling over female drivers to measure their breasts.
Asked for a comment, a police spokesman said, "Damn it, we were really, really looking forward to that."

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