Wednesday, November 19, 2008

That's not what they mean by "beating the rap"

I don't know much about being a rapper or shooting people, but I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to combine the two like this:
Judge Donny Gillis sentenced Rico Todriquez Wright, 25, on two counts of aggravated assault for shooting Chad Blue, 28, of Dublin. Wright must serve 20 years of his sentence in prison, the rest on probation.

A Laurens County jury convicted Wright in August for the September 2006 shooting. Assistant District Attorney Brandon Faircloth presented testimony during the trial that Blue encountered Wright and two other men one night on Grey Street. Blue testified that he and Wright knew each other, but admittedly did not get along.

“I heard one of the men tell Rico, ‘go ahead and shoot him’,” Blue testified in August. “When he raised his gun I knew I had to run, but I knew if I ran a straight line, I was dead. So I started weaving, running between houses, trying to avoid the bullets.”

However, one of the bullets struck Blue behind his thigh and shattered into his groin.


Blue had testified that sometime after the shooting a friend had come to visit him and played a song for him on a CD.

“I heard the song.” Blue said, “and I recognized Rico’s voice. The song was called ‘Hitting Licks for a Living’ and there’s a line that says ‘Chad Blue knows how I shoot’.”

“Hitting licks” is a term used in rap music as slang for robbery.

“Yeah, he recorded that before he went to trial,” said Blue, shaking his head, after Wright’s conviction. “Can you believe that?”
Sadly, yes. I can totally believe that. Because people are fucking idiots these days. I mean, back when Johnny Cash sang about shooting a man in Reno "just to watch him die," he at least had the sense not to name the guy.

(Plus, I don't think he actually shot anybody, but you get my point.)

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