Friday, December 05, 2008

Case dismissed

I'm not a judge or a lawyer, so I'm not sure if the idea that a plaintiff is batshit crazy is grounds for dismissal in a lawsuit, but that seems to be what happened here:
A Canadian judge has thrown out a lawsuit by a British Columbia man who says various software companies and police invaded his brain.

The lawsuit seeking $2 billion was filed three weeks ago by Jerry Rose in the city of Nanaimo. It names software companies Google and Microsoft, communications company Telus and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as being responsible for invading his brain and manipulating his thoughts, The Province newspaper in Vancouver reported.
Aside from the money he was seeking, he was also asking for (specifically) a red Ferarri, a black Lamborghini, a black Dodge pickup truck, two Harley-Davidson motorcycles, and two dirt bikes (no colors were specified for those last four). I don't really see how those things compensate for having one's brain invaded by a search engine or the Mounties, but then again, I'm relatively sane.

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