Thursday, December 04, 2008

The great skyscraper caper

I've never so much as swiped a pack of chewing gum, so I'm pretty sure I'd have trouble stealing one of the world's most famous landmarks:
City crime is one thing, but a New York tabloid upped the ante Wednesday -- stealing the entire Empire State Building.

The Daily News claimed it had pocketed the 102-storey [sic] Art Deco icon by filing fraudulent documents with the city register to expose New York's dangerously lax system for recording property.

According to the News, the "heist" took just 90 minutes. They then returned the building to its real owners, Empire State Land Associates.

The phoney [sic] documents were made even more laughable by appearing in the names of legendary bank robber Willie Sutton and original King Kong movie star Fay Wray.
I've seen lots of polls over the last few years which have found that the general public doesn't trust the media. Stealing skyscrapers probably won't help with their image.

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