Monday, December 22, 2008

The line is...d-d-d-dead

Am I the only one who finds this just a little bit...Twilight Zone-y?
New York defense lawyer John Jacobs continues to receive voice-mail messages three years after he was buried with his beloved cell phone.

Jacobs' family buried him with his fully charged Motorola T720 phone after he died of pancreatic cancer, the New York Post reported Sunday.

His wife, Marian Seltzer, also a defense lawyer, continues to pay his monthly $55 phone bill and his cell number is etched into his gravestone under the words "Rest in Peace."


Seltzer said she keeps her husband up to date on sports news and how their sons are doing.

"Some people talk to God," Seltzer said. "I talk to my deceased husband."
That's actually kind of sweet, but what happens when his voice mail box fills up? Or...if he actually answers?

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