Thursday, December 11, 2008


Adding insult to injury is usually just a figure of speech, but in this case, it was quite literal:
Police investigators said while the unidentified woman frantically attempted to contact authorities this week after allegedly being beaten by her boyfriend, a Retriever Towing driver prepared to tow her car away, KPTV of Portland, Ore., said Wednesday.

The unidentified tow truck operator then charged the injured woman at least $360 to remove her vehicle from the towing harness, police allege.

A responding police deputy said his requests to the driver not to charge the woman Monday night were ignored.

Retriever Towing owner and noted dick Gary Coe said his driver could have released the woman's vehicle and not issued a charge, but stood behind the driver's decision on the matter.
Oops. I may have ever-so-slightly misquoted the report there in the last paragraph, but I stand behind what it says.

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