Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Stuck in the midsection with you

I'm gonna go ahead and guess that this young woman probably had some anger issues that predate this incident:
Brittney Love Venton, 19, made her first appearance before a judge Tuesday on a second-degree assault charge after she allegedly stabbed her then-beau, Nicholas Ervin Smith, 25, in the gut Dec. 12, the St. Paul Pioneer Press reported Wednesday.

Smith, recovering at North Memorial Hospital in Robbinsdale, Minn., said he could not remember the subject of the fight leading up to the stabbing.

"It's all a blur to me," he said, adding all he could remember before the stabbing was an "exchange of words. I might've said something to (expletive) her off."
So, what exactly caused her to shank him in the gut?
Neighbors, including Juanita Luke, who lives in an apartment downstairs from Smith, said they could hear the couple arguing about the TV remote before the alleged attack.
Yeah, Like I said. Anger issues. And possibly a deep hatred for whatever her boyfriend was watching. I get that same feeling whenever Grey's Anatomy is on.

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