Monday, December 01, 2008

What a bright idea!

I don't know how the hell anybody could have thought that this was a good idea:
A Belgian TV network has been criticized after advertisements for a travel-themed show depicted the host as a scantily clad Adolf Hitler.

The print ads for broadcaster VRT's travel show featured host Tomas de Soete dressed as a Hitler caricature wearing only a swastika armband and pants while giving a stiff-armed salute with the Nazi flag behind him, the Daily Mail reported

The picture was accompanied by the message: "Discover the real Europe. Not the cliches. Test it yourself: This is the first image you'll get to see when you enter 'German' in Google."
The ads were pulled after a "torrent of complaints" that they were in bad taste. No, really? People might find Hitler and Nazi imagery offensive? Well, I guess that never crossed the minds of the geniuses who run the company.


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