Thursday, January 08, 2009

Don't mess with Gu Gu

Panda bears may look cute and cuddly, but it's important to remember that they're actually wild animals:
Beijing zookeepers said a tourist who jumped into a panda bear enclosure to retrieve a dropped toy has become the third zoo visitor attacked by the panda.

The Chinese-language Beijing News said tourist Zhang Jiao went into the enclosure Wednesday to chase a toy dropped his 5-year-old son and was attacked by Gu Gu, a 240-pound panda, Britain's The Sun newspaper reported Thursday.

Officials said Gu Gu clamped his jaws down on the man's legs, forcing zookeepers to use tools to pry the panda's mouth open.
The other two people were a drunk who jumped into his pen and a teenager who got into his exercise area. I think there's an obvious lesson to be learned from all this—there's some kind of terrible curse on the zoo.

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