Wednesday, January 07, 2009

That's not helping

One Luke Benson, 22, of Fairbanks, Alaska, saw that a friend was in trouble and decided to,
The bouncer told police that he was trying to remove Samuel Durkik, 22, of Fairbanks, from the bar for causing a disruption around 2:45 a.m. when the alleged incident occurred.

Durkik allegedly struck the bouncer in the face twice in the course of the confrontation. As the bouncer tried to calm Durkik down, he noticed that Benson was behind him urinating on his leg, according to a criminal complaint filed in court. Durkik also has been charged with fourth-degree assault.

Benson was apparently angry that his friend was being thrown out of the bar.

The bouncer was “extremely upset” that someone had urinated on him, and other bouncers had to prevent him from “going after” Benson. Benson at first gave police a false name according to the complaint. Police noted that both men appeared intoxicated.
No, really? Intoxicated? I would have figured that a guy who thought peeing on a bouncer's leg was a good idea was a teetotaler or something. Probably a Youth Minister at a local church, too.

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