Thursday, January 29, 2009

Two-time loser

When you've been busted for marijuana possession, that might be a clue that you should straighten out and fly right. Apparently, this guy didn't get that message:
"The driver was Donald Brown, who was just released from our custody after being arrested for marijuana possession and use [about 6 a.m.]," Koran wrote in his report. "It was apparent that Brown would still be under the influence of marijuana."

Police asked Brown why he was smoking marijuana after just having been released for possession of marijuana. He said he had "only smoked a roach" -- the remnant of a marijuana cigarette -- and was fine to drive, according to the police report.

Officers then administered a field sobriety test, which they said Brown failed.

Brown claimed, according to the report, that police were out to get him and that he "only smokes weed, not crack, not heroin."
He thought the police were out to get him? That seems kind of unusual. I mean, who's ever heard of someone getting paranoid after smoking weed?

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