Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Um, that rings a little hollow for some reason

Sure, Anthony Pruitt may have robbed a Florida bank, but before being sentenced for that little indiscretion, he sure sounded contrite:
"I've done wrong. I'm ashamed of what I did. I was desperate and confused," Pruitt told the court before his sentencing. "I ask you to be lenient because I'm a good man at heart. A real good man at heart."
Can you believe that even after hearing such a heartfelt plea, the mean old judge hearing the case sentenced such a nice man to 78 months in prison? Why, it's like he didn't believe Mr. Pruitt for some reason...
Pruitt, who has 16 prior convictions for fraud and theft, was also ordered to pay $5,375 in restitution and sentenced to three years of federal probation following his release from prison.
Oh. Yeah. That makes him sound somewhat less believable, I guess.

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