Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hefty bagged

When you weigh 700 pounds and you're also a criminal, it's probably not easy to get to court:
The Cayuga County Circuit Court judge and his staff held court on a Post Office loading dock to arraign Stephon A. Turo, 56, of Genoa on 24 counts of sale and possession of prescription painkillers, The (Syracuse, N.Y.) Post-Standard reported Monday.

Turo sat on a chair connected to a portable oxygen machine and covered with a blanket in the back of a rental truck
in 18-degree temperatures and swirling snow while Judge Thomas G. Leone took his innocent plea and set bail at $1,000 during a 15-minute hearing.

Turo was fingerprinted and had his "mug" shot taken by a sheriff's investigator while in the truck.
If he's convicted, I'm guessing they're going to find a spot for him in the local zoo.

(Cruel? Yes. But what did you expect?)

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