Monday, February 02, 2009

Local color

I know that in this day and age we're taught not to judge other cultures' rituals and customs, but I've got to say that liquor and big, angry animals don't seem like a good mix:
"The bulls are angry when they arrive, obviously, so they go at it with full force," said Cristobal Salamanca who studies local traditions.

Men on horseback rope the animals and steer them near raucous crowds clad in bright red T-shirts, many chugging beer under the hot sun.

The dangers increase after hours of drinking sweet creamy cocktails called "toritos" ("little bulls") made with local moonshine, sugar, milk and fruit or peanut flavoring.

On one narrow street, four men drove an angry bull toward bystanders who fell over in panic. A teenage girl was butted and suffered a dislocated jaw.
Well, I'm sure she had fun in a culturally authentic setting, and that's the important part, right?

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