Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Naked as the day he was born to be wild

I don't know a whole lot about riding motorcycles, but I'm pretty sure this is a pretty big safety violation:
Christopher A. Clark, 35, of Searcy has been cited for no vehicle license, indecent exposure and fleeing after the Jan. 26 incident. Arkansas State Police officials were involved, but are not releasing reports on the incident, saying it is the subject of an ongoing investigation.

Jerry Cruise of Searcy witnessed the chase, according to the report.

“I was stopped at the intersection of Main Street and Highway 267 when they came by,” Cruise said. “He was naked as a jaybird and it was kind of sleeting.”
I have several friends who ride motorcycles, and I'm told that the feeling of the open air whipping past you while you ride is part of the thrill of the experience, but I don't think this guy was exactly doing it right.

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