Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Proving a point

Nothing says a guy is mistaken about your lack of courtesy like giving him a sound beating:
An alleged lack of manners at a Sandwich Road gas station led a local man to beat another man with a golf club, the police said.

Police officers were called to the Hess gas station at the corner of Sandwich Road and Route 151 at 6:45 a.m. Monday following an altercation between two customers. The incident began with one man not saying "thank you" to another man as he held the door open for him, police said.

When he was exiting the gas station, police said, a 50-year-old East Falmouth man held the door open for Carlos Navarro, 38, of Falmouth. When Navarro allegedly failed to thank the man for opening the door, the 50-year-old man allegedly uttered a sarcastic "thank you" to Navarro, police said.

Navarro told police he believed he had been disparaged, which led to a heated argument. Navarro then went to his car and retrieved a golf club — a wood not an iron — and struck the alleged victim several times in the stomach and legs, police said.
Ah, there you go. His club selection was polite. Had he used an iron, well, that would have been horribly rude. I'm sure Miss Manners and Emily Post would approve.

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