Thursday, February 26, 2009

Those Rabbis have no sense of humor

When you live in a religious country, sometimes it's best not to joke around about certain things:
An Israeli girl has become a divorcee at the age of 14.

It all began as a lark, in a schoolyard where a 17-year-old boy recently declared the girl his wife, reciting a Jewish ritual vow in front of witnesses, and she accepted his ring.

That, and what a spokeswoman for Israel's Rabbinical Courts said was the consummation of their marriage, was enough to make them man and wife in the Jewish state.
And I think you know what they mean by "consummation" there. He'd be in pretty serious trouble here, but over there, it's apparently legal to consummate things with a fourteen-year-old if you're no more than three years older than her. I'm gonna go ahead and guess that still doesn't mean her dad is real happy about it, though.

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