Monday, March 16, 2009

Just say no

I'm pretty sure most of my readers know to steer clear of PCP, but if anybody was on the fence...
A Texas man who was arrested Thursday on drug charges after construction workers witnessed him on his hands and knees, eating mud and growling like a dog is being monitored today inside the DeSoto Detention Center.

Authorities suspect phencyclidine, or PCP, contributed to Terence Lloyd’s delusions. A small bottle of the hallucinogenic drug, a half-pound of marijuana and one-fourth ounce of crack cocaine were seized during Lloyd’s arrest Thursday afternoon, DeSoto sheriff’s Lt. Horace Womack said.

“He was covered in mud when he was brought in. … In fact, he had ingested so much mud that he was throwing up mud,” Womack said.

Lloyd, 32, of Lufkin, Texas, is in a cell where jailers can keep an eye on him, Womack said. “We’ve not been able to communicate with him much.”
I guess maybe he's just the strong, silent type. That, or he's still really, really high on PCP.

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