Monday, April 06, 2009

Dressed for success

I've never had to go to court as a defendant, but I've always heard that it's very important to make sure to dress appropriately:
A British woman convicted of amassing $88,500 through benefits fraud arrived in court wearing novelty socks bearing the message: "Show me the money."

Sylvia Rogers, 50, of Manchester, England, said her choice of socks was a "coincidence" after she admitted to wrongly claiming $41,000 in welfare benefits, the Daily Mail reported Monday.

"It never came into my head that I had them on," she said of her socks.
Um, I'm not exactly what you'd call vain, but I kind of check on little details like what kind of socks I'm wearing before going out to a party, much less a court appearance. I'd love to see what she'd inadvertantly choose to wear to a funeral.

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