Friday, April 24, 2009

Tanked in Tokyo

It's refreshing to see that we're not the only country whose celebrities get trashed and do stupid stuff:
Media helicopters hovered overhead and photographers camped out in front of Japan's top talent agency Thursday after one of television's cleanest-cut stars was arrested for public indecency.

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi of the pop group SMAP was found drunk and naked in a public park in Tokyo in the early hours of the morning, his agency said in a statement. He was alone and shrieking at the top of his voice, media reports said.

"What's wrong with being naked?" he demanded of a police officer who tried to question him after receiving a complaint about the noise, Kyodo news agency said.
Well, there's actually nothing wrong with being naked. The problem is more that you were naked and drunk and screaming in a public place. I mean, I'm not really an expert on Japanese culture, but I'm pretty sure they frown on that kind of thing.

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