Wednesday, April 15, 2009


While making pizzas at Domino's may not be the most rewarding or prestigious work, doing something stupid like this isn't exactly going to get you a good refernece when you try to climb the next rung on the job ladder:
Domino's Pizza said two employees at a North Carolina location have been fired after they posted a video online that depicted them sneezing on food.

The company said the employees, who identified themselves in the video as Kristy and Michael, were fired from the store in Conover after they posted a video to YouTube that purported to show how Domino's pizzas are made, the Charlotte (N.C.) News & Observer reported Wednesday.

The video featured footage of the two workers engaging in unsanitary practices including picking their noses and sneezing on food.

The employee who used the name Kristy said in an e-mail to Domino's bosses that the video was a joke and the employees would never engage in those behaviors while preparing food for customers.
While that may be true, your dumb little video doesn't exactly reflect well on the company, now does it? Especially seeing as how some people might not get the idea that you were joking.

Oh, and I've said this before, but it bears repeating...if you're going to do something stupid and/or illegal, you might not want to post a video of your actions online. But if you're so compelled and you just have to do it, you might not want to, you know, show your faces.

On second thought, go ahead and show your faces. And be sure to give your full names. That makes it funnier for the rest of us.

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