Tuesday, May 05, 2009

When teaspoons are outlawed...

...only outlaws will have...yeah, you can pretty much see where this is going:
A British shopper says she was asked to show proof she was older than 18 when she bought teaspoons and other picnic equipment at a supermarket.

The receipt for her purchase was posted on nannyknowsbest.blogspot.com, a Web site devoted to undermining what founder Ken Frost calls "the all-pervasive nanny state," The Daily Telegraph reported Tuesday. The shopper said a clerk at the Asda branch in Halifax in Yorkshire told her at least one killing had been committed with a teaspoon.
That high-pitched whirring sound you hear coming from across the Atlantic is Winston Churchill spinning in his grave over what a bunch of clueless ninnies his countrymen have become. Seriously, these people's elders managed to survive the Blitz. Today, they're worried about someone getting killed with the least dangerous piece of silverware in any given kitchen. Great.

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