Friday, June 26, 2009

Deposit slip-up

My bank used to have those pneumatic tubes at their drive-thru windows, and they didn't want you to put anything but cash, checks, or deposit slips in the canisters, much less anything like this:
According to the arrest report, the teller notified a supervisor that a customer in a white SUV had sent her a deposit canister containing $200, a deposit slip and a bag of marijuana with another bag of white powder inside.

TPD was called about 4:30 p.m., and Officer Jamie Martinez stopped the only white SUV in the teller line. He detained the driver, [Cameron] Jefferson, who was identified by the teller as the customer who made the deposit, according to the report.

Jefferson told Martinez that he sent the canister with $200, according to the report. He became frustrated that the transaction was taking so long and asked several times for his money back.

Jefferson told Martinez, "If you said I did it, then I did it," according to the report. When asked if he accidentally grabbed the plastic bag when putting his money in the canister, Jefferson said "I put it ...," then refused to comment further.
Well, what else is there to say, really? Other than, perhaps, "I think I'd like to speak to an attorney."

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