Monday, November 09, 2009

Crime wave!

Cops in Connecticut (try saying that five times fast) are apparently dealing with a rash of crimes. Bank robberies? Auto thefts? Home burglaries? Um, not exactly...
In one of the largest recent cases, a 21-year-old Stratford man was charged with shoplifting about $800 worth of Orbit chewing gum from stores in Stratford, Bridgeport and Fairfield.

In West Hartford, police have investigated four gum theft complaints since June, including one in which a 21-year-old Enfield man was charged with stealing $175 in gum from a local supermarket.

Police in West Hartford and elsewhere said gum thieves want something they can sell quickly, often to make money to support a drug addiction. That's what the man who allegedly swiped several hundred packs of Orbit in Stratford, Bridgeport and Fairfield told police.
Um, is there some kind of massive gum tax in Connecticut which I didn't know about that makes buying gum on the black market more attractive than buying it at a convenience store or gas station?

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