Thursday, January 21, 2010

Damnit, I missed it

Apparently, today was National Pie Day, and I didn't get any friggin' pie...
The American Pie Council says marking National Pie Day Thursday is a good way for folks to get back to one of the best simple pleasures of life.

Linda Hoskins, executive director of the Chicago association, said a good pie has long been a way for Americans to express their appreciation to friends, family members, neighbors and even members of the military serving their country.

"There's something touching about giving someone a gift as special as a pie," Hoskins said in a written statement. "If you were getting a gift, would you rather receive an ordinary tie, or an extraordinary pie?"
Personally, I'd prefer the pie, but you can't wear a pie to a job interview, can you? And in this economic climate, that seems a little more important.

Oh, wait, could just take the pie to the interview, throw it at the boss, and hope that he's a fan of slapstick comedy. Yeah, that's a good idea.

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