Thursday, March 25, 2010

Any title I could come up with would be pretty crass

I've never been incarcerated before, but movies and teevee have shown me that it's not a pleasant place. And not just for the inmates, either. It's pretty harsh for the guards, too. Especially in Swedish prisons:
The warden of a Swedish jail said a prisoner received an official warning for voicing his discontent toward his situation via flatulence.

Anders Eriksson, warden of the Kirseberg prison in Malmo, said guards filed numerous complaints against the 21-year-old prisoner, who was not named, alleging "a series of concerted attacks" in the form of the prisoner's constant wind-breaking, Britain's The Daily Telegraph reported Thursday.
While I'm sure that having someone constantly farting in your presence is rather unpleasant, it doesn't really seem as bad as having to deal with riots or having a prisoner stab you with an improvised knife.

Okay, I officially take back the "Especially in Swedish prisons" thing that I said before.

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