Monday, April 12, 2010

What are the odds?

This would actually be kind of funny if a couple of people hadn't been injured in a traffic accident:
A man has been charged with driving drunk and hitting the car of a retired Maryland judge who once spared him jail time in previous drunk driving case. The suspect, 45, was scheduled to be in court Wednesday to face trial on eight charges related to the August crash where he hit a car being driven by retired Montgomery County District Judge Edwin Collier. Collier, 86, and his wife Ellen Collier, 82, were both injured in the crash.
Irony is like all those games we used to play when we were little kids—it's all a lot of fun until an elderly, retired judge and his wife get hurt.

(We really shouldn't have swiped our mom's car keys and driven around the neighborhood when we were eight.)

(I'm still sorry, Judge and Mrs. Ellsworth.)

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