Monday, June 21, 2010

I think it's nice and all...

...that these kids have a respect and reverence for life, but we're ultimately talking about an insect here:
Residents of a California apartment complex said they attended a funeral for a Monarch butterfly organized by local children.

The Mission Terracina Apartments residents in Vallejo said a group of about 10 children, led by 11-year-old Savone Cummings and 4-year-old Alayah Speller, made programs, a guest book and designed the service for Friday's memorial of the Monarch butterfly Cummings and Speller found dead in a carport Wednesday, The (Vallejo) Times-Herald reported Monday.

"I was very surprised the kids did this," said Cherie Duncan, Cummings' mother. "They made programs and put them at everybody's door. They were singing and saying prayers. It was just a very positive thing."
Yeah, that's nice and groovy and I'm sure good vibes were shared by all, but I hope some adult took the kids aside later and discussed how their time could be better spent by helping out at an animal shelter or some kind of project that didn't involve, you know, dead bugs.

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