Thursday, July 29, 2010

What do you get for the person who has everything?

Although I'd probably prefer to own one of his suits or something, I guess that owning a set of Churchill's dentures is pretty cool...
Without his gold-plated false teeth wartime prime minister Sir Winston Churchill would never have been able to make such rousing wartime speeches.

Indeed, they were so crucial to him that he carried a spare set at all times.

And a collector clearly held them in equally high regard, bidding more than three times the guide price at this afternoon's sale to snap them up for £15,200.
This is probably why I'm not allowed near historical artifacts, but if I was the guy who bought these false teeth, I likely couldn't help but rinse them off, try them on at least once, and spout off a couple of Churchill's more inspirational quotes.

I mean, would you buy one of Abe Lincoln's stovepipe hats without trying it on and reciting the Gettysburg Address? I think not.

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