Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"Keep your arms and flab rolls inside the car at all times"

You know, I'm not exactly svelte or super-healthy, but if you're so huge that you need a special seat, should you be riding roller coasters? I mean, there could be cardiac issues...
Florida's Universal Orlando Resort said it has altered the cars on its "Harry Potter" themed roller coaster to accommodate larger passengers.

Matt Roseboom, editor-in-chief of Orlando Attractions Magazine, said many overweight and obese coaster enthusiasts had been complaining since "Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey" opened in May that the safety devices were too tight for them to fully close, leading park officials to alter the ride Saturday, ABC News reported Tuesday.
Well, it's nice that they're working to accommodate their, um, larger guests, but...
Roseboom said test seats at the start of the line that previously told larger park-goers they were too large for the ride now direct them to a special row of seats designed for the obese.
While I'm sure the instructions are pretty diplomatic, that can't be a real ego boost right there.

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