Monday, September 27, 2010

Theory tested

Most of us have normal thought processes, so when confronted by a Taser-wielding cop, we simply comply with his commands. And then, there are people like this guy:
A Cheyenne man who doused himself with white latex paint in hopes of avoiding a police Taser was hit with the stun gun anyway.

The Taser chase happened Sept. 16, when Cheyenne police went to Brian Mattert's house on a domestic violence call. The Wyoming Tribune Eagle reports that when police arrived, Mattert thought they'd use a Taser on him, so he hastily covered himself in paint and told officers that if they shot him with the stun gun, he'd die.
The cops were all too happy to demonstrate that he was mistaken about that after he decided to "scuffle" with them.

There's no word in the article about whether or not drugs were involved but I'm guessing yes, very much so.

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