Thursday, October 21, 2010

Britain needs a punch in the dick

I'd like to think that the only thing keeping this woman from offering a hearty "Sod off, arsehole!" was the fact that she had young children with her, but she felt "guilty" after the encounter:
A British woman said she was lectured by a city official for feeding white bread to ducks instead of whole grain.

Lisa Taplin, 34, of Hailsham, England, said she and her sons, Luke, 4, and Dylan, 2, were feeding the ducks at a local pond when a council warden approached and told her the white bread she was using was "unhealthy" for the water fowl, The Sun reported Thursday.
We. Are. Talking. About. Fucking. Ducks. Here. People!!!

When you have public officials who have enough time on their hands to bitch about the kind of nutrition that private citizens are providing for free (mainly for the entertainment of their kids, I might add) to a bunch of fucking birds, it's well past time for severe budget cuts.

Oh, and in case you were wondering if this was some kind of rogue busybody...
Nickey Caria, Hailsham's deputy town clerk, said the council warden was "right" to lecture the woman.
That high-pitched whirring sound you hear is Winston Churchill's corpse, spinning furiously.

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