Wednesday, December 01, 2010

I know what I don't want for Christmas

Well, there are lots of things I don't want, but I specifically would prefer not to find this under the tree:
A Los Angeles auction house said on Tuesday it would sell the simple pine coffin in which the suspected assassin of President John F. Kennedy was buried for almost 20 years.

Bidding will start at $1,000, but the item is expected to fetch strong interest from museums and collectors of presidential memorabilia when it goes on the block on December 16.
No, the coffin doesn't contain Lee Harvey Oswald's remains, either, though I can't really say that the inclusion of his corpse would make this a more attractive gift idea.

(Seriously, I'm more of a McKinley assassination buff. If Leon Czolgosz's coffin becomes available, that would make a great stocking stuffer.)

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