Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's crazy, what turns up in the couch cushions

I mean, something goes missing for a while, and then it just turns up:
A team of scientists say they have positively identified an embalmed head, presumed lost in the chaos of the French Revolution, as that of King Henri IV of France who was assassinated in 1610.

The head was apparently lost after revolutionaries desecrated the graves of French kings in the royal basilica of Saint-Denis near Paris in 1793.

Few remains of those bodies have ever been found and positively identified since.

But a team of experts using advanced scientific techniques say they have conclusively identified the head, passed down over the centuries by private collectors, as that of the monarch.
You know, I kind of think that the fact that they've identified a number of the kind of people who collect severed heads is the more important thing here, but that's just me.

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