Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Next time, you might want to call an exterminator

The independent can-do spirit of this country is admirable in a lot of ways, but there are some problems you should leave to the professionals. Especially those that involve swarms of stinging insects and fire within your home:
Capt. Don DeLucia, spokesman for Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue, said Mario Go of Lake Worth was trying to smoke the bees out of a column supporting a second-story balcony Tuesday and accidentally set the house on fire, The Palm Beach Post reported Wednesday.

The damage to his property is estimated at $50,000. Oh, and the kicker?
[DeLucia] said the fire also failed to drive away the bees.

I don't think bees understand the concept of humor, but if they do, they're laughing their stingers off. Which, in a further ironic twist, would kill them.

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