Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Remind me again why everyone hates lawyers...

Oh, right, it's because of stuff like this:
Gene Gulinson, who practices [law] in Phoenix, said his treatment at the Highland Justice Court in Gilbert damaged his reputation, The Arizona Republic reported. He is seeking $75,000 from the town.
And what indignity did Mr. Gulinson suffer there? Was he dragged out of court by a bailiff on the orders of some pompous judge? Pepper sprayed by an abusive guard? Subjected to a humiliating strip search?

Er, not exactly...
The trouble began when Gulinson went to the courthouse for a pretrial conference with a client who had two traffic tickets. He said guards first told him he could not enter carrying a bag of pastries a client had given him.

After he got rid of the pastries, guards searched his briefcase and found the jawbreakers.
That's right, they confiscated his sweets. This is truly (not) the human rights outrage of the decade!!!

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