Monday, February 14, 2011


It turns out that the Royals aren't really all that different from the rest of us:
The see-through dress worn by Kate Middleton at a university fashion show at which she caught the eye of an admiring Prince William goes under the hammer next month.

William paid for front row seats at the charity show at Scotland's St Andrews University in 2002 when Middleton strutted down the aisle in little more than her underwear as she modeled the knitted lace dress.

British newspapers always cite it as the moment William's interest in Middleton was stirred from one of mere friendship to something more serious, and they began dating soon after.
Finding true love by checking out a girl in her underpants isn't exactly like picking up a glass slipper after a fancy royal dress ball, but I guess that's kind of how life works out in the real world.

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