Monday, February 21, 2011

Breaking news!

Gee, who could have possibly seen this coming?
Officials with Chicago Public Schools said school lunch sales have dropped about 5 percent since the introduction of a healthier menu.

The district stopped offering daily nachos, doughnuts and Pop-Tarts in favor of healthier options at the start of the school year. District officials say figures from September to December show lunch sales were down about 5 percent, about 20,000 lunches per day, from the previous year, the Chicago Tribune reported Monday

The caterer employed by the district, Chartwells-Thompson, said the new meal options exceed U.S. Department of Agriculture meal standards. However, the meals, which now include things like broccoli, peas, carrots, zucchini, rice and beans with less salt and sugar, have proven unpopular with students.
Wait, you mean to tell me that children enjoy nachos and doughnuts more than broccoli and zucchini? GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!!

Now that you mention it, do you mean to tell me that most people prefer nachos and doughnuts over broccoli and zucchini? Well, then, how do you explain the overwhelming popularity of green vegetable stands at sporting events?

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